Smithsonian :: Mughal Gardens
Smithsonian :: Mughal Gardens

Smithsonian :: Mughal Gardens

9th Insight designed a comprehensive and dynamic online learning experience on the Mughal Gardens, which portrayed the beauty and glory of that time. Visitors can experience the sophistication of the period and learn more about the importance of Lahore, Pakistan through this interactive site.

Over six centuries ago, the Islamic dynasty ruling over what is now Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir and northern India created the Mughal Gardens.

The graphical environment incorporates the artistry of the architecture and scenic garden landscapes of the empire. Users interact with 3D virtual tours, listen to musical audio clips, take quizzes and access resources including bibliography, chronology and glossary of terms.

The Mughal Garden’s site offers an educational perspective for the general audience as well as contains more specific resources for students and educators.


  • Site Branding Strategy and Design
  • 360° Virtual Tours
  • Interactive Map
  • Audio Clips
  • Streaming Sound