Bellow you will find selected works by 9th Insight since 1996 till today. 9th has develop projects for the Top 500 companies and organizations such as Discovery Channel, The World Bank, The International Finance Corporation, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft Xbox, Mediaset, Smithsonian Institution, Marriot, and Alcatel-Lucent, among others.

Sportmediaset Social Media Strategy

Social Media works when strategy is applied. Over the past decade, our social media team has managed numerous campaigns that delivered mind-blowing interaction with millions of targeted people. Here is one of those cases, 9th Insight has assist Sport Mediaset with social intelligence, strategy and new initiatives that enabled Sport Mediaset to gain rich insights about its social audience and social language surrounding his brand. Part of the solution was to develop a sophisticated analysis utilizing advanced social listening to quantify performance media’s impact based on historical brand data and industry benchmarks. This helped determine efficiency and effectiveness of each performance media channel in driving brand health.

Launch of Xbox game “Halo” in Milan

The success and cult status of Microsoft’s XBox Halo video game led to the highly anticipated sequel, Halo 2. 9th Insight, in collaboration with Tcom, was tasked with the development of the Halo 2 launch events in Milan and Rome, Italy.

The event consisted on a live reality show simulating the landing of a Halo alien shell in the cities of Milan and Rome.The show was scripted with actors, extras, live location shooting, sound effects and an elaborate set construction to promote the Halo II game.  During the event created a short movie to record the launch event. Production stills and video clips were made available to the public via a web site and companion DVD. All pieces created held true to the established Halo 2 brand.

Discovery Channel Schools

9th Insight designed the first four seasons of the Discovery Channel School website. These sites were divided into six educational themes throughout the four seasons, such as Cultures Alive!, Baby Talk to Bytes!, Raging Planet and Physics in Motion, just to name a few. 

It was the website’s ability to present multiple levels of rich content, inside of a playful, entertaining interface that made it an incredible resource for teachers and students. With a lively interface design and content that included curriculum materials, TV Programming Schedule, games and virtual tours, the site successfully fused education and entertainment.

The centerpiece of the site, an Interactive online Theater based on the concept of the 1950’s “drive-in movie” called The Discovery Theatre, took visitors on a rich audio-visual trip to featured Discovery documentaries.

To complement the website, 9th also developed print materials for the Discovery Magazine.

In addition to the website, we produced the Spanish translation, narration and audio mix for the Discovery Animal Planet TV shows: “Animals A to Z” (55 episodes) and “Emergency Vets” (13 episodes).

The World Bank Group

The World Bank Group is one of the world’s largest sources of development assistance. It works in more than 100 developing economies with the primary focus of helping the poorest people and the poorest countries.

9th Insight implemented a new design that could handle the transition from static to dynamic content. Conscious of the World Bank’s mission to address the needs of developed and developing countries, accessibility and usability of the site by visitors was a key consideration in the overall design and implementation.

Visitors are interested in the site primarily for the content. 9th Insight approached this project taking into account the vast amount of information and the need to re-organize the content using a user-friendly GUI interface.

The information hierarchy is clear right from the home page where content is organized through a left- navigation menu, latest news and other website tools. Users are led to relevant points in as few steps as possible. While many sites offer endless links from every page, 9th designed the World Bank site to never overwhelm visitors with information or options.

For the content navigation, 9th developed a matrix structure organized by countries, topics and communities providing visitors with a logical and effective global navigational menu and traceable breadcrumb navigation to ensure that visitors can quickly identify where they are, topics they would like to review and return easily to any section.

Additionally, 9th designed an Intranet system for the World Bank Group’s employees worldwide. Approximately 10,000 people utilize the system for information and document sharing, generating a more efficient workplace environment.

Since 9th Insight began working with the World Bank Group, we have developed over 100 websites for different departments within the organization. These sites feature a diverse portfolio of online solutions including e-commerce systems, catalogs, bulletin boards, chat rooms, on-line learning games and web-based content management systems.

Smithsonian Productions

Smithsonian Productions is a division of the Smithsonian Institution, which creates and manages electronic media. It is dedicated to sharing the vast world of the Smithsonian with millions in the United States and abroad through quality television documentaries, radio programming, home video and educational media products.

Over six centuries ago, the Islamic dynasty ruling over what is now Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir and northern India created the Mughal Gardens.

Today, thousands of visitors are able to get a first-hand look at them, thanks to the extensive historical resources of Smithsonian Productions and an interactive website designed by 9th Insight.

This first-ever comprehensive and dynamic online learning experience on the subject portrays the beauty and glory of that time, allowing viewers to experience the sophistication of the period and learn about the importance of Lahore, Pakistan. 

The historical floral tapestries that hang throughout the remaining Mughal fortresses are the basis of the site’s identity. The online environment incorporates the artistry of the architecture and scenic garden landscapes of the empire.

The navigation of the site is based on the route the emperors would likely have taken as they moved around revered “City of Gardens”. Users, who want in-depth information can interact with 3D virtual tours, listen to musical audio clips, take a quiz and access more resources including a bibliography, chronology and a glossary of terms.

The Mughal Garden’s website offers an educational perspective for the general audience as well as contains more specific resources for students and educators.

32nd America’s Cup

During the following years she made an incursion in various cutting edge projects in the realm of streaming and virtual reality (VR) leading the design of the “32nd America’s Cup” virtual races in Second Life.

Valencia, June 1, 2007 — As the official New Media Provider of the 32nd America’s Cup, Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) today announced it has expanded into the virtual realm with the opening of Port AmericasCupAnywhere on Second Life®, the 3D virtual world phenomena entirely built and owned by its residents.

At Port AmericasCupAnywhere, Second Life residents can watch live animated coverage of the sailing competition and access daily archives of racing action. Providing an exciting new venue for Second Life residents to learn about the technology and tactics of America’s Cup racing, Port AmericasCupAnywhere is also hosting a virtual regatta for the Second Life sailing community, allowing residents to take the helm of an America’s Cup class boat in virtual fleet and match racing.

Linking the real and virtual worlds, Port AmericasCupAnywhere also includes demonstrations of Alcatel-Lucent’s enhanced portfolio of AmericasCupAnywhere new media services which are providing video and 3D animation and gaming coverage of the 32nd America’s Cup for sailing enthusiasts from more than 150 countries during the 2007 regattas.

Port AmericasCupAnywhere on Second Life offers a wide range of actions such as:

  • 3D animation of live races with audio commentaries
  • Video highlights at the end of each race day
  • America’s Cup Anywhere (ACA) videos presenting the Alcatel-Lucent products developed for the 32nd America’s Cup, within the Alcatel-Lucent Executive Briefing Centre
  • VIP Parties with renowned DJ
  • Aquatic sports
  • ACA-SL Cup with a lot of prizes to win video player challenge in designing the new video player was to come up with a way of capturing the last mile online video, the one that reaches the viewing audience. Florencia San Martin and Javier Krasuk lead the design of the new Video Portal for
The player was presented on Nov 5th 2008 at the IAB Forum Milan by the Vice-President of Digitalia 08, Yves Confalonieri . The player had an overwhelming response from advertisers and sponsors that find in this innovative player an effective way to promote and reach their audiences.


La tv del giorno dopo è arrivata sul portale Dall’11 gennaio 2010 è attiva la nuova area video che è pronta a stupire gli
appassionati di internet con grandi novità, per una migliore fruizione dei video dei principali programmi delle reti Mediaset.

Altitude Films “Ueverest Expedition 2007

The site launched to track the progress of the Altitude Films “Ueverest Expedition 2007” on the mountain is jam-packed with feed-back from the team including regularly updated video diaries, photos and a lot more.

Extras include the body zone, where the climbers will update their biometric data every day, so you can find out how they’re handling the altitude, or not… A daily weather check – right now it’s apparently a balmy 12C at basecamp – and a lot of background information. It’s one of those sites where you just keep finding more and more stuff to sneak a look at.

It’s all part of the Altitude Everest Expedition 2007, run by Atlantic Productions and one of the main aims is to find further clues to the ongoing Mallory mystery.

The project was basically the Behind the Scenes of the production for the upcoming “The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest” documentary for Cinemas and IMAX Theatres, produced by Altitude Films with Atlantic Productions. Presented by Serengeti Entertainment and National Geographic Entertainment. UK Television Premiere on BBC Two in 2010. Winner of the Best Adventure Film at the Boulder International Film Festival 2010.

Boing TV Channel is recognized as the Italian’s premier network for kids entertainment programs. 9th was tasked to create a unique, modern web site to market the key programs provided by Boing TV.

A balance was struck between the use of cartoon elements, colors, typography and layout that successfully crosses between medias, TV and Internet, providing users not only with information about upcoming events and program schedules, but by also entertaining with online games and videos.

OSOC One Song One Couse

One of the first Streaming concerts 9.9.99 in the world, even before band U2’s first streaming concert.

From Brazil to the U.K., on Thursday night last week virtual concertgoers probably settled into swivel chairs and palmed coffee mugs, fixing their eyes on the stage hanging inside their computer monitors. Seven bands representing three continents played punk, Afro-pop, salsa, funk-blues, and Brazilian and Cuban jazz. Between performances, impromptu interviews with band members and speeches from heads of humanitarian groups tied performers that sounded good with causes that felt good. The show was virtually flawless.

OSOC couples D.C. bands with philanthropic organizations they endorse via a Web site——offering sound clips of music as well as links to nonprofit groups. Comprising a small ring of friends, OSOC wants to develop the site to market local bands’ CDs and offer broadcasts of pay-per-view live shows, splitting proceeds between the bands, the nonprofits, and OSOC. The group was founded—and so far is entirely funded—by Patrick Parodi, a D.C. telecommunications buff and director of marketing for Diginet Americas.

At the concert, Parodi alternately talked on his cell phone and channeled performers and speakers toward the camera for Internet clips. His mantra: “The beauty of the Internet is that local is everywhere.”

Diveo Broadband Networks

Recognizing the importance of establishing their brand, Diveo approached 9th Insight immediately after their first round of financing. We were asked to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy targeting potential customers and investors in major Latin American markets.

Since building Diveo’s online presence was the first priority, our strategy was to create seven localized web sites tailored to each market. At the same time, we worked to maintain the overall corporate identity and mission. To connect the multiple country web sites, 9th Insight developed a content management system that allowed local web masters to consistently maintain up to date information on their rapidly growing services.

Now we were ready to proceed to expanding the Diveo brand awareness throughout the Latin American countries, with a successful and effective advertising campaign that had one purpose: presenting Diveo as a reliable Internet Solution provider. This campaign included the production of seven launch events in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, promotional video direction and production, corporate and country brochures, billboards, magazine and newspaper ads.

Only after building strong brand recognition did we begin work on advertising and marketing Diveo’s services themselves. The message became product awareness such as “The Internet as it Should be” for IP Business and “Get Connected” for Digital Business. 9th designs and productions included the development of a Walk through Interactive CDROM showcasing Diveo Data Centers, stand design and collateral for several events, welcome kits, white papers, flash presentations, advertising campaigns, and more.

Completing this evolution from brand recognition to service promotion allowed Diveo to not just strengthen its identity but build a customer base as well. People now knew why they needed Diveo as their provider of eBusiness solutions.

The end result is that Diveo is emerged as one of the leading providers of broadband and Internet infrastructure services in the major urban markets of Latin America.