CRS :: Conflict Resolution System
CRS :: Conflict Resolution System

CRS :: Conflict Resolution System

The mission of the Conflict Resolution System in the World Bank is to create a positive working environment for Bank employees by resolving conflicts as they arise.

The group is composed of five core services including Office of the Ombudsman, Mediation Office, Ethics Office, Appeals Committee, Administrative Tribunal, and a handful of associated services.

9th Insight was asked to create a new identity that unified CRS’s five core services and institute a mass marketing campaign in order to effectively communicate and raise awareness of the core services’ missions to the World Bank staff. Combining a positive tag line, “Solving Problems Together,” with the design of a powerful new brand, a one-stop web site, collateral print, and a launch event for the World Bank staff, 9th successfully repositioned CRS’s branding.

9th continued the integrated marketing campaign with the development of an interactive CD-ROM, which was distributed to Bank staff. The purpose behind the CD-ROM was to allow staff to view in the privacy of their home all of CRS service offerings. The CD-ROM was produced to be distributed to the staff at both headquarters and international offices.


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