XBOX Halo II :: Launch Event Short Movie

The success and cult status of Microsoft’s XBox Halo video game led to the highly anticipated sequel, Halo 2., in collaboration with Tcom, was tasked with the development of the Halo 2 launch events in Milan and Rome, Italy.

The event consisted on a live reality show simulating the landing of a Halo alien shell in the cities of Milan and Rome.The show was scripted with actors, extras, live location shooting, sound effects and an elaborate set construction to promote the Halo II game.  During the event created a short movie to record the launch event. Production stills and video clips were made available to the public via a web site and companion DVD. All pieces created held true to the established Halo 2 brand.

Cast & Crew The Making of the Movie The Making of the Stage The Making of the Alien Shell