Altitude Everest Expedition 2007
Altitude Everest Expedition 2007
Altitude Everest Expedition 2007
Altitude Everest Expedition 2007

Altitude Everest Expedition 2007

The site launched to track the progress of the Altitude Films “Ueverest Expedition 2007” on the mountain is jam-packed with feed-back from the team including regularly updated video diaries, photos and a lot more.

Extras include the body zone, where the climbers will update their biometric data every day, so you can find out how they’re handling the altitude, or not… A daily weather check – right now it’s apparently a balmy 12C at basecamp – and a lot of background information. It’s one of those sites where you just keep finding more and more stuff to sneak a look at.

It’s all part of the Altitude Everest Expedition 2007, run by Atlantic Productions and one of the main aims is to find further clues to the ongoing Mallory mystery.

The project was basically the Behind the Scenes of the production for the upcoming “The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest” documentary for Cinemas and IMAX Theatres, produced by Altitude Films with Atlantic Productions. Presented by Serengeti Entertainment and National Geographic Entertainment. UK Television Premiere on BBC Two in 2010. Winner of the Best Adventure Film at the Boulder International Film Festival 2010.

Press Quotes
The New York Times
18 Jun ’07
“The Web site is an excellent example of how much material can be regularly updated and communicated to sea level from the remote mountain, including daily video and audio clips, photographs and blogs, even charts tracking the heart rates of the climbers.”

The Sun, UK
15 Jun ’07
“…two climbers showed yesterday that [Mallory] and his pal may actually have been on their way down when they perished”

Guardian Unlimited
09 May ’07
“In true web 2.0 fashion the production company, Altitude Films, is going uber-interactive with…a website monitoring the ascent at Expect daily video feeds, photos, and online diary and blogs…”

The Times
06 Jun ’07
“…the Altitude Everest project, which is ascending through the northern route, will provide a new sense of the effects which the climb took on its famous predecessors…It might be as close as anyone will get to understanding the physical toll exacted on two of the most celebrated men in mountaineering history”

Guardian Unlimited
15 Jun ’07
“If its primary objective in retracing their doomed 1924 attempt has been to generate publicity, then it has been a triumph. I would not attempt the ascent, but I would hire the PR team”

The Daily Telegraph, UK
11 June ’07
“A team of mountaineers carrying replica 1920s kit yesterday began an attempt to reconstruct the mysterious final climb on Mount Everest of George Mallory and “Sandy” Irvine… The team hopes that by re- examining the site and evaluating the evidence collected in 1999 they can shed more light on where Mallory fell from, and whether he was climbing or descending at the time.”

The Independent, UK
15 June ’07
“A team of mountaineers who have been ascending Mount Everest in an attempt to retrace the steps of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine in 1924 made it to the top yesterday, claiming their achievement added weight to the theory that the ill-fated British climbers may also have done so.”

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
17 May ’07
“…the group will document every step and misstep and post their photos, videos , diaries, news, weather, health information and thoughts on a Web site for all of us back home to share. Anker’s reality show is in real time. There are no editors or producers to jam a week worth of voyeuristic video into an hour of entertainment.”

BBC News Online
14 June ’07
“An international team of climbers has scaled Everest by retracing the steps of two British men who disappeared just short of the summit in 1924. The team says its success shows that George Mallory and Andrew Irvine may have been the first to climb the peak.”

14 Jun ’07
“…they successfully free-climbed the Second Step after removing a ladder fixed to the treacherous 100-foot rock wall near the summit, and reached the peak of the world’s highest mountain on Thursday…”

The Independent, UK
6 June ’07
“…the Altitude Everest project… will provide a new sense of the effects which the climb took on its famous predecessors… Their heart rates, oxygen levels, altitude and air temperature will all be recorded with the data updated on the website daily.”

09 May ’07
“It’s one of those sites where you just keep finding more and more stuff to sneak a look at.”

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
14 May ’07
“Thanks to the Internet, you can track the group’s progress, right down to the climbers’ heart rates, from the comfort of your desk.”
12 May ’07
“[their] site may be the best in the history of Everest ”

06 Jun ’07
“Climb the world’s highest mountain peak, without leaving your comfy chair feel like snagging some of the rush of climbing a mountain like Everest, but don’t feel like getting up from behind your monitor? Then point your browser to and crank up your AC for some added realism ”
07 Jun ’07
“[this] old-school summit bid has a decidedly modern website ”

The Courier Journal
09 Jun ’07
“Go to to follow what has to be the most well-documented expedition to the mountain’s summit.”